April Update #4



Since April, Cryptoland is getting better.

During the month of April, we have seen a slight rebound in the crypto atmosphere, both in value and in attitude. The AMMO Reloaded team has spent this time working diligently on the web wallet, as well as researching and communicating with new exchanges.

I would like to mention that Ammo Reloaded is a project initiated by the community for the community. All kind of help we can get is highly appreciated.

Currently we have 1 developer (chinafreak) working with us on the webwallet and also roadmap on components. If anyone from the community knows someone who is willing to take on a new journey by joining the ammo reloaded core team then feel free to reach out to us.

Having just one developer as of now who needs to deal with a variety of tasks isn’t speeding things up, however we continue working of course of a Decentralized Gaming Platform as main objective.



We have made much progress on the web wallet, and we eager to debut it soon!

The frontend (website) and backend (panel & function) are looking very good. But there is still a some work to do to make it more stable and secure.

Front-end web design (website as well as webwallet interface) is nearly done with just a few cosmetic improvements to be made. General functions such as Sending and receiving ammo works fine as well as logging in using 2-factor authentication. Furthermore it’s already possible to see the last 10 transactions via a different tab.

Things that still need to be done is a bit of content writing as well bug fixing that relates with back-end changes. A few security aspects still need to be implemented as well.

We are making steady progress on the web wallet and hoping to deploy it within the next 3 weeks.

Here a small view on how our web-wallet will look like on the home page.

We hope you are getting excited to see the end results. We are at least 😉

Linux Wallet

We are happy and proud to announce that the Linux wallet is now available! The Linux wallet is the same caliber as the Windows wallet, so it shares all the same features. We decided to use only 3 numbers for version. So in this version is now 2.0.1. The .deb file is for debian/ubuntu and .zip file is for other linux. Please refer to the link below.



We have talked a lot about additional exchanges — increasing our footprint and volume in the crypto world remains a priority. The exchange CoinPulse allows users to submit and vote on coins to be added to the exchange, see the AMMO suggestion here: https://request.coinpulse.io/suggestions/8427/ammoreloaded

We are currently in talks with an additional dozen or so exchanges about listing AMMO.

As of yesterday, we are also in the vote listing of C-Cex https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin=ammo

Please vote for us.


At the request of the community, we have created a telegram for the community to communicate with each other and the AMMO Reloaded team.

We believe that telegram is getting a strong communication medium in crypto thus that was the only logic way to follow.

Join Ammo Team ?

We are looking for a talented c++ and blockchain/wallet developer to join our team. Pllease reach out to Alex (@zadmin2017) or BABA in Discord or via Email: ammoreloadedcoin@gmail.com

I would like to emphasize that a strong community is required for each project’s success. So we need YOUR support on Twitter/discord/telegram/instagram — let’s spread the word folks!

Thanks for reading & happy may!