February Update #2

Dear Ammo Reloaded Community,

Another month has passed. A lot of time for development research, designing and web development has been committed to the project. The result was a overall new designed Vision Statement & Development steps, an updated Roadmap, adjusting of the core team member section — all within our new website. https://ammoreloaded.io/

Feedback so far was very positive. We will update it over time with relevant information.


We have completed the designing part for the Windows Wallet. We will now move over to implement these designs.

We have created a new development roadmap with various updated points, which can be found here.

Ammo Reloaded Development Roadmap 2018

Furthermore, the first of the web wallet goals have been defined and sorted according to importance.


We have updated our announcement thread on bitcointalk:


Furthermore, we are starting with more giveaway tweets on twitter to catch attention and gain some awareness. We are happy to be getting new Community members everyday on Discord.

Our impressions on Twitter are steadily increasing over time.


On our website, we have featured our current core team members.

Please click the images on the site to see details about each person.


Besides the persons mentioned on the website, we are happy to welcome Kyle. He will be working with us on the structural aspects of the project, internal guidelines and team management.


As you have noticed we have worked on a new logo and are very happy with the result. The new design gives a very good impression of what Ammo Reloaded stands for.

Official AMMO Logo