January Update #1

Where are we now?

To our valued Ammo Reloaded community,

Today marks a little over a month since our official community takeover. Various things have changed and evolved for Ammo Reloaded since the takeover including the building of a community on our Discord, Twitter & Bitcointalk. We have developed a Windows Wallet with Ammo Reloaded branding and are currently researching how to bring our vision of a gaming platform to life. We hope to have the required products & services developed within the next few months. (More details in the next section).

We are thankful for the support so far and are happy to continue this journey with everyone involved. We really appreciate it!


The design phase of our new windows wallet is nearly done with just a few minor changes and corrections needed. We will then move over to implementing all elements and starting the compiling phase.

Mac & Linux Wallets will follow after the Web Wallet is developed.

Over the last couple of days we created an external block explorer: http://explorer.ammoreloaded.io/ It is currently still sync with the blockchain and will see more content updates and feature changes in the next 1–2 weeks.

Here are a few technical developments that are planned in the coming weeks. More information on the ETA’s can be found on the roadmap which will be presented along with the new website around the middle of February.

Web Wallet

A feature rich wallet service. It can be used as general wallet service in which you have control over your private keys. It will also used as a payout pool for in-game bet winnings

At first the library, alongside an advanced HTTP API will be developed. This will allow anyone who wants to use AMMO in their software, games, apps, website to do so. After that a community friendly website integration service will follow.

Ammo support for the game Xonotic

This will be the first game with AMMO integration. Expect others to follow! Full integration of AMMO into the P2P Deathmatches within Xonotic

Ammo Reloaded API for Game Engines

  • Ammo Reloaded C# SDK
  • Ammo Reloaded Unity SDK
  • Ammo Reloaded Game Maker SDK

You’ll be able to use Ammo in your games from Unity, Game Maker and other game engines! This means Ammo can be integrated into your games. Examples of integration include: in-game currency, giveaways, betting and more! The game developer is free to use our web wallet service or their own.

Ammo Reloaded Mobile Wallet for Android

A few more upgrades to the Ammo Reloaded Blockchain can be expected as well.

New Website

We are currently finalizing the content needed and preparing a new updated roadmap. We will begin implementing this new content shortly. The new website should be ready around the middle of February.


At this point we have 180 followers on Twitter and more than 300 people have joined our Discord Server. We are scheduling more regular, informative tweets as well as various giveaways & campaigns which will also be found on Twitter.

Our Facebook community activity needs some improvement so feel free to like our Facebook page as well.

We have now set up a subreddit as well. Make sure to subscribe and engage with the community 🙂

Going forward, we plan on publishing a monthly summary of the happenings and future expectations of Ammo Reloaded towards the end of each month. The next update will be published by the end of February. This will provide a convenient and focused method for the community to stay engaged and up-to-date with the project. In addition, it continues to emphasize transparency, something we feel is central to our success. For the latest news, insights and discussions, Discord is the recommended communication medium.

Join the Ammo Reloaded Discord today!


We are happy to announce that Coin Exchange has made all required updates and changes. These updates include changing the logo and name as well as adding the social media links, block explorer & Bitcointalk Thread.

Trading page: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/AMMO/BTC

Peers page: https://www.coinexchange.io/network/peers/AMMO

We will actively look into new exchanges once we have sorted out our internal structure and main responsibilities. We are also happy to be introduced to new exchanges if anyone has any contacts.


We are happy to continue our social media marketing but at a more rapid pace;

  • Regular updates on Twitter, Reddit & Facebook
  • Twitter paid ads
  • Paid & natural tweets from influential people

Apart from this we will soon have a signature Campaign on bitcointalk as well as other small bounty campaigns across platforms in which all members have the chance to earn AMMO.

We also plan on contacting various websites for banner advertising.


We are excited to announce that a few smart people joined our Team in the last 2 weeks.

Chinafreak is from Germany. He is game developer (Unity, Game Maker, HTML5) with 10+ years of experience and software developer (Apps, Desktop Application, Website Front and Back End) with 5+ years experience.

His main focus is C# from Unity and JavaScript from NodeJS. He has a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency developments such as mobile wallet apps and blockchain services. He is also familiar with other languages such like: Python, Java, SQL, TypeScript (JavaScript). He will also be responsible for our Mac & Linux wallet in the future.

We also welcome Moz (Australia) & BABA (France) to our team. Both will be handling community related aspects on discord and other platforms.

And finally we welcome CryptoRob. He has 10+ years experience using WordPress and other content management systems. He also has a wide range of html, php and css coding experience.

It needs to be stated that we are putting as much time as possible into this project, but understand that we have family, friends and work that cannot be ignored.

The Core team itself consists of members that have worked or are working with projects such as Raiblocks (exchange team), Intense Coin (co-founder, has left the Intense Coin project) and Nekonium (marketing).

Believe us when we say Ammo is just getting started! Thanks again for the support.

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/AswNQSD

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReloadedAmmo

Subscribe on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmmoReloaded/

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ammoreloadedcoin/


AMMO Reloaded team