March Update #3

Dear Ammo Reloaded Community,

As you know, the crypto world has been in quite a big storm the last few months.

Hopefully things are going better by now.

Despite the ups and downs of the crypto market, the development of AMMO will continue.

We have developed new features to keep your AMMO safe, such as the web wallet, a Linux wallet and a Mac wallet

Development takes time, but we are making headway.


In March, development focus was on wallets.

As you’ve seen on the Roadmap Q1/Q2, wallets are the top priority.

The team behind AMMO is aware of the security risks of leaving your AMMO on an exchange, which is why we have made it a top priority to develop wallets for as many platforms as possible, allowing you to safely and securely store your AMMO.


The HTTP API is almost done. We have elected to use electrum servers so we can develop and release an electrum desktop wallet in the future which should solve the issue of slow sync times.


We are happy and proud to announce that the Linux wallet is now available !
The Linux wallet is the same caliber as the Windows wallet, so it shares all the same features We decided to use only 3 numbers for version. So this version is now 2.0.1.
The .deb file is for debian/ubuntu and .zip file is for other linux.
Link : https://github.com/AmmoCore/AmmoReloaded/releases/tag/2.0.1


The Mac wallet is still in development, but it will be available as soon as possible.


We understand the importance of additional exchanges.

A lot of investors want to see their investments grow, a sentiment that we truly understand and relate to.

Higher volume and value for AMMO will benefit all of us, community and developers alike.

Moving forward with development is very important to us, but rest assured that we’re searching for new exchanges to integrate ammo with.

Homevsabroad (HVB) has selected a few that would welcome us.


We have now two new social media sites to introduce to you :

NEW -> Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ammoreloadedofficial/

The instagram will publish and announce news ammo related.

Hosted by baba

NEW -> Telegram : https://t.me/ammoreloaded

Hosted by dan and baba

Telegram is big in crypto communication, that’s why we choose to use it to promote ammo.

Once we have a hundred subscribers, a chat option will be available for the community to interact with each other and the development team.

We are going to make partnerships within the crypto community on forums, cryptonews website and social media sites to spread awareness about the ammo project.

Feel free to help us, to follow us, and repost us.

All ammo community members can play a part in the awareness of this project.

Join Ammo Team ?

We are looking for Wallet Developers with knowledge in c++ Also, if you have skills and experience as a community manager and are looking to join the AMMO team, please reach out to Alex or BABA in Discord or via Email:

ammoreloadedcoin@gmail.com or babammoreloaded@gmail.com

Ammo Website

We hope you like our new website — we will be adding additional features and information to it in the near future.

Next step ?


Our principale mission for April, is the same as the last two months
-> Going as far as possible into development. More info will follow regularly.
We also want to say thanks to all of our community members that support Ammo Reloaded.
The more we are, the better we get !
Many things are coming, we are working hard to give you the best.
Ammo Reloaded’s implementation in games will be awesome ! Stay tuned !

Ammo Reloaded Team