Ammo Reloaded represents a blockchain based gaming ecosystem with extensive focus on community development & Engagement. Our underlying open source cryptocurrency Ammo is used as fuel to power the entire infrastructure. The project is being developed with love for decentralized gaming!



Rewards for Publishing Gaming Content

Our platform is for publishers to monetize content using a unique community voting mechanism. Content creators have the opportunity to earn AMMO by providing valuable submissions.

Community Network

With our voting mechanism, viewers and fans can upvote content they like, while publishers grow their communities and gain exposure based around these upvotes. The more valued a submission, the faster the community around the publisher will grow.

Publisher competition

We all know that healthy competition is good for a market - Publishers who create quality content will be rewarded with upvotes, simultaneously growing their community and increasing their opportunities to earn AMMO, incentivizing the content creator to continually upload quality gaming content.

Decentralized gaming database

The Ammo Reloaded gaming platform will offer decentralized, unbiased & censorship free gaming reviews, game developments & any other game related content that is submitted by publishers. Community members have free access to the entire submissions & content without restrictions or limits.

Decentralized live betting

You can enjoy a live betting service on clan matches or any other kind of matches. This feature utilizes our web client application service.

By the Community for the Community

We understand the needs and wants of our community very well and so the project will be built integrating community opinions, wishes and demands. Make sure to join our Discord and let us know.




Project Lead
Alex, 28 years old from Germany. Project Lead. B.S.C. in Business Economics & Master in Business Administration. Alex is a blockchain entrepreneur with experience in managing blockchain/crypto related projects since early 2013 (ex Gridcoin team member & ex co-founder of IntenseCoin). Besides Ammo Reloaded he is currently part of the Nano Exchange Team.


Technical Development Lead
Chinafreak, 22 years old from Germany. Development Lead. Chinafreak is a game developer (Unity, Game Maker, HTML5) with 10+ years of experience and software developer (Apps, Desktop Application, Website Front and Back End) with 5+ years experience. His main focus is C# from Unity and JavaScript from NodeJS. He has a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency developments such as mobile wallet apps and blockchain services. He is also familiar with other languages such like: Python, Java, SQL, TypeScript (JavaScript).


Blockchain Engineering
Toxic, 25 years old from USA. Blockchain Developer Toxic is an experienced blockchain & cryptocurrency developer.


Strategy Management
Dan, 34 from Denmark. Strategy & Operations Manager. Dan holds a medical PHD and has proven experience strategically driving projects into the right direction.


Marketing Expert
BABA, 28 years old from France. Marketing Expert. BABA has a B.S.C in Management and is a Commercial Manager in Paris.


Web Development
Home, from Finland. Web developer & Master of Science in Economics. Home is responsible for web related tasks and the online appearance of Ammo Reloaded.


Iccess, 22 years old from Germany. Creative Artist. B.S.C in Communication Design. Talented designer proficient in Adobe Photoshop & Cinema 4D


Blockchain Consultant
CS, 37 years old from Germany. Blockchain Advisor with more than 6 years of experience. CS will be advising us on any blockchain related matter.


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April Update #4

APRIL UPDATE                           Since April, Cryptoland is getting better. During the month of April, we have seen a slight rebound in the crypto atmosphere, both in value and in attitude. The AMMO Reloaded team has spent this time working diligently on the web […]

March Update #3

Dear Ammo Reloaded Community, As you know, the crypto world has been in quite a big storm the last few months. Hopefully things are going better by now. Despite the ups and downs of the crypto market, the development of AMMO will continue. We have developed new features to keep your AMMO safe, such as […]